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Powering Resilience Keep your business on 24/7

As more businesses become digital, the challenge is not just about keeping the lights on. It’s about protecting your business systems and precious information resources.
It’s about managing continuity, and managing risk. We can help you keep your business “always on” today and protect against future energy uncertainty tomorrow.
We are completely energy dependent and any interruption in supply will stop production, which is our nightmare. Continuity of supply is critical, both in terms of the grid and performance of our back-up systems.”
Energy Manager, Food and Drink Manufacturer, UK

Ensure continuity of supply

Secure your energy supply and scale it for the future with our on-site generation and storage solutions. Your business and customers’ will be protected, even if you experience a system failure.

Reduce operational failures

Modernise your energy infrastructure so that it’s more reliable and less likely to incur downtime and costs. We can also help you extend the life of your on-site energy assets with insights that give you early warning of potential equipment failures.

Minimise your commercial risks

Implement a commercial strategy that reflects your appetite for risk, helps you forecast and manage costs accurately and protects you from market volatility, enabling a predictable cost base. Our scale, expertise and experience means we can offer you innovative commercial options to suit your needs.

Strengthen your compliance with regulations

Reduce your risk of non-compliance and avoid damaging incidents and potential fines, with intelligence from our energy management platforms and expert guidance on regulatory issues and compliance.

Protect against market change

Develop an energy strategy for the long term that takes advantage of our deep experience of energy markets. You can be protected from future market disruption, while benefitting from the latest innovations in energy technology.