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A solution to cement savings

We helped a global building material supplier improve the efficiency of their operations and save over £219,000 a year by monitoring energy usage across three of their sites.

annual savings achieved in test country
reduction in out-of-hours consumption
sites added for global roll-out

They were looking for a solution to build on

With an operation that spans 50 countries, the client needed a solution that would allow their plant managers to have full visibility of the performance of their critical machines.

It needed to replace their existing utility metre equipment, be user-friendly, and identify system performance issues in real-time.

Laying the foundations for long-term returns

We created a two-phase approach using our energy insights solution, Panoramic Power. This allowed us to measure energy use and pinpoint consumption across different equipment, buildings and plants. The system is designed to instantly cut costs, increase productivity and deliver live information to plant managers.

Phase 1: Testing the ground 

Our solution was deployed at three locations within one of the company's manufacturing sites, including remote quarries. As part of this, we installed sixty sensors to monitor live energy usage on pumps, conveyers and crushers.

Using the granular data, we quickly understood the performance of the critical assets, and were able to detect failures and introduce more effective maintenance schedules. This insight was vital as it gave the managers the live data they needed to ensure the plant was running as effectively as possible.

The results 

We discovered a conveyor motor was overloading and tripping out, which in turn was creating a bottle neck in the process. Fixing this saved the client £211,383 ($270,000) annually at just one location.

Our data also showed that energy was being consumed unnecessarily across several buildings and plants during out of working hours. By highlighting this, we saved the client a further £7,829 ($10,000) a year.

Through these savings alone, the client achieved ROI within a month.

Phase 2: Global rollout 

The next phase will see Panoramic Power deployed at 70 sites worldwide, from across locations in Germany and the UK.

Why choose our energy insights solution, Panoramic Power?

  • Detect equipment failures before they occur
    Predictive maintenance recognises unusual energy usage patterns and sends alerts for service - helping to avoid the high costs downtime.
  • Maximise the energy savings of every device and entire plants
    Monitoring the energy consumption of individual devices, systems, and assets identifies inefficiencies, improper usage, and opportunities for savings.
  • Benchmark devices, systems, production lines and more
    Evaluating data for comparable units uncovers systems that are not functioning properly, allowing you to detect hidden operational inefficiencies and energy waste.