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The most economical solution fits seamlessly

Centrica Business Solutions installs 150 kW CHP unit at De IJzeren Man swimming pool

About De IJzeren Man

De IJzeren Man in Weert has a reputation to uphold. Not only is it the most attractive swimming pool in Limburg, but also the most sustainable. When the old CHP unit started to fail, Centrica Business Solutions (then ENER-G Nedalo) immediately offered a replacement generator. The lowest quote for a new CHP unit came also from the Mijdrecht-based company. Director Leo Steegs is pleased that there was a follow-up to the collaboration.

They don't like to do things by halves in Limburg In 2005, a strategic choice had to be made about the future of the six outdoor pools. Should they be removed or retained? "Originally, we are an indoor and outdoor pool, and we decided to operate anticyclically by investing extra money in the outdoor pools", says Steegs. "Together with the operating foundation, the municipality opted for the most expensive and optimal form: everything made from stainless steel, and situated in a green, woody environment designed by a landscape architect. Everyone who comes here says they have never seen such a beautiful combination of sleek design and natural elements."

Bridging time

Since 1990, the swimming pool has been running on a CHP unit from Centrica Business Solutions. When the generator broke down in 2010, Centrica Business Solutions ensured that Steegs could continue using the CHP unit installed at the time. This offered enough bridging time for the swimming pool to come up with a new solution in collaboration with a technical agency and to assess the options offered by different suppliers.

We've been extremely satisfied with the maintenance over the past decades, they've got us out of a fix several times and they know our company very well now."
Leo Steegs Directeur

Hard deadline

A rock-hard deadline was set for completion. For six weeks, the swimming pool was turned upside down due to the complete renovation of the wave pool, the construction of a new slide and then the immediate installation of the new CHP unit. "We opted for a 150 kW unit. In addition, we also buy green gas, referred to as CO2-compensated gas, from Essent. It costs 2 cents more per cubic metre, but makes us even more sustainable. CHP has a double advantage: lower costs and a substantial CO2 reduction."

Prepared for the future

The new CHP unit is slightly lighter than its predecessor thanks to the somewhat better efficiency of this type. It is also a logical consequence of the swimming pool's sustainability policy. Steegs: "Our business operations are becoming increasingly energy-efficient. For example, in the coming year we will replace all the fluorescent lighting, air conditioning systems, air handling units and other equipment with models that consume at least sixty percent less energy. This changeover posed an additional challenge, because the new CHP unit had to be prepared for equipment and building management systems that we will not be implementing until quite some time later."

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

Centrica Business Solutions is the oldest supplier of CHP units in the Netherlands. The company has the largest fleet of CHP units in Europe and is the authorised service dealer of MTU, Mercedes and Perkins. With the ENERG 150 for De IJzeren Man swimming pool, Centrica Business Solutions is again proving to be a true CHP specialist. Customers that make intelligent choices in terms of energy will see their returns and savings grow.