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Hotel CHP unit saves 1 million vehicle kilometres of CO2

Van der Valk Houten will recoup cost of CHP unit within three years

Van der Valk Houten

Van der Valk is rapidly growing into a premium hotel chain. This requires a careful choice of partners. Linthorst Installatietechniek has been the preferred supplier to the family business for years, developed a ground-breaking concept for climate and energy systems. The CHP units of Centrica Business Solutions (then ENER-G Nedalo) play a pivotal role in this.

The four-star hotel offers every conceivable luxury for the business traveller and tourist. Hotel Manager Coen Poelmans is proud of the hotel, whose sixty-metre tower attracts attention from far and wide. In addition to the striking architecture, many new ideas have also been incorporated inside the hotel to support the high-quality appearance. "All 163 unique hotel rooms and suites are equipped with a flat screen TV, air conditioning, modern heating system, refrigerator, internet connection and bathroom with whirlpool bath. In short, the comfort that our guests enjoy at home – and maybe even more. All this requires a good energy policy, especially as we also want to be at the forefront of sustainability", says Poelmans. "Of course, a hotel cannot be compared to an office or an ordinary leisure company. Here, everything runs throughout the day and night. This places much higher technical demands on the installations and every saving counts twice."

Simulation software

"We use simulation software to analyse the energy needs of a customer; this determines the attractiveness of a CHP unit", explains Gijs Linthorst from the technical installation company Linthorst. Over its long history, the company has specialised in energy-intensive, non-residential construction with an emphasis on sustainable technologies. For instance, Linthorst has developed a special concept for the hotel market based on heat and cold storage in the ground, advanced control technology that enables the check-in system to provide a well ventilated heated or cooled room for the guest, combined heat and power (CHP) and emergency power, and the reuse of waste heat. Linthorst: "In this case, the computer model indicated a return on investment period of less than three years for a CHP unit. That's extremely good, especially when you consider that such a unit will easily last ten to fifteen years or even longer."

Major savings

The CHP unit is mainly used for the base loads of heat and electricity. It is also an ideal back-up system: even if the mains power fails, the server room, POS systems, lighting and other vital components remain fully operational thanks to the CHP unit. Poelmans deliberately sets the bar high. "As a hotelier, I want certainty about my business processes. This installation solution also provides us with a major financial advantage that translates directly into the operating result. In addition, the chosen solution makes big savings on CO2 emissions, comparable to about a million vehicle kilometres or forty households. And we can be very proud of that."

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

Centrica Business Solutions is the oldest supplier of CHP units in the Netherlands. The company has the largest fleet of CHP units in Europe and is the authorised service dealer of MTU, Mercedes and Perkins. With the ENERG 90 for Van der Valk Houten, Centrica Business Solutions is again proving to be a true efficiency specialist. Customers that make intelligent choices in terms of energy will see a return on investment that outpaces growth in revenue.